Words trickle past my lips
Dancing upon my fingertips
Not knowing where they are to go
How can I start to tell them no?

My heart dost wish to expound
All the feelings that it's found
No one word will it not write
Even if it takes all night

My fingers dance upon the keys
I wish they'd stop and rest at ease
And even though they are weary and cold
Their words and story will be told

For the muse has struck again
Don't remember how long it's been
And don't know if it's good or bad
But I do know that it's sad

I hurt inside like never before
I wonder if it's time to shut the door
And let no other in my life
To pick up and wield that knife

But dawn does break upon the sky
And it's time to say goodbye
I don't know if it's forever
I thought I'd leave here... never.

Mar 28, 2000
4:16 am