Just a clue

    Alone inside my heart I sit
        Scared once again to be hit
            Knowing that I set it up
                Poison filled I drink the cup
                        I lay down on my pillow now
                            Sleep I will but don't know how
                                As the poison takes it's hold
                                    The room becomes so deathly cold
                                        All my life does pass my eyes
                                            They say that happens when someone dies
                                                All the memories that you hold
                                                    From your birth until you're old
                                                        Mine eyes do now slowly close
                                                            Feeling numb from my head to toes
                                                                Now peace finally fills me through
                                                                    If only I'd had just a clue......

                                                                        Apr 25, 2000
                                                                            1:02 am