Friends sit vigil by my side
Holding my hand while I cried
Caring not for their own time
Giving their last emotional dime

I owe so much to them all
Being with me was not a ball
I cried I screamed I hurt so bad
They all saw I felt so sad

Ashen, 0tarin, Klaas, the most, it's true
But Merlin, SilFer and Hc too
Sage, Mickey, Gabriel'sAid
Hirc, Celleste and even Blade
Rich G., Big Rick, Handy, Ald
Stephen van Ham even called
Charlie, Pet and new guy Methos
Chocolatemousje tried to tell me jokes
Paladijn, Caledor, LineNoise and LoFi
All kept me from saying eternal goodbye

I owe then all a debt of thanks
Paying them back would break the banks
Each one is special and I adore
I need to thank them so much more 

You all helped me to survive
Because of you I'm still alive
So much you've done you know not of
You've given me another chance to love

            Apr 17, 2000
            7:17 am