This is an archive of the old, pre Diablo II

Just in case anyone is curious as to why we left. We originally sub'ed to AGD to get info on a game we were playing and though many came and left, some of us hung around longer and developed a small community. We loved new people joining us and our community grew. But then Diablo II came out and we were totally overrun. Our threads that had nothing to do with AGD were attacked over and over for being off topic. Didn't matter that we'd been there for years and some of these newbies had been there for days, they attacked us. We fought back but after a while it just gets to the point where it's not worth it and we started searching for a new group to go to so that we could leave the anal retentive newbies to their Diablo chat.

I couldn't find the strength to just up and delete the AGD web pages that had developed over time. So here they are, archived for those that are interested.

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Lord of the Barrels

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